Wired Rewards

Terms and Conditions

Version 1.0

1.  The Wired Rewards scheme programme is provided and administered by Wired Productions Ltd. of Unit 4, Watford Interchange, Watford, WD24 4WP, UK.

2. To participate, you must register for a Wired Rewards account and accept these terms and conditions. Wired Productions reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at any time without notice. Updated terms and conditions will be posted on https://www.wiredrewards.com.

3. Wired Rewards Service

The Wired Rewards scheme allows you to earn points through qualifying purchases and completing actions and to spend the collected points for rewards.

3.1 Earn Points: Qualifying Purchases

Wired Rewards codes can be found inside qualifying physical releases from Wired Productions and can be claimed through www.wiredrewards.com to earn the user points to be spent through the Wired Rewards Store.

Wired Rewards codes are supplied only in physical product. Not all Wired Productions releases contain a Wired Rewards code however qualifying releases can be identified by a Wired Rewards badge on the packaging of the title.

Wired Productions does not offer Wired Reward codes or points to purchasers of pre-owned titles and may at its own discretion choose to reject a code for Wired Rewards without explanation. The number of points creditable through any qualifying purchase is unspecified and may be subject to change. Wired Reward points are a free loyalty reward from Wired Productions and do not constitute a value of your product.

Wired Reward codes are valid only for a single redemption and are subject to a date of expiry which may be extended at the discretion of Wired Productions Ltd.

3.2. Actions

Actions are an alternative method of earning points on Wired Rewards. No purchase is required unless explicitly specified and points will be automatically credited after your completion of respective activities.

Actions may change from time to time, with the details of available actions made available from the ‘Get Points’ page on the Wired Rewards website after you sign in to your Wired Rewards account.

3.3. Points

Upon the completion of an action, or the redemption of a valid Wired Rewards code you can receive Wired Rewards points.

You can check the number of Wired Rewards points you have collected at any time on the Wired Rewards website.

Wired Rewards points will expire after a period of 24 months of inactivity, determined from the last change of balance on your Wired Rewards account.

Wired Rewards points have no cash value and cannot be exchange for other goods from Wired Productions.

3.4 Spending Points: Rewards

You can spend the Wired Rewards points you have collected for rewards.

Rewards may only be available in certain territories, may be limited in quantity and may have special conditions for redeeming or using them. You will be informed about any regional limitations and any special conditions in the reward description.

Rewards may change from time to time. The list of current rewards is available on the Wired Rewards website. All reward redemptions are final and cannot be reversed.

All rewards are considered to be for personal, non-commercial use. Content must not be used for any other purpose. In particular, without Wired Productions’ written consent, you must neither lease nor rent content, nor sublicense, distribute, publish, copy, modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any portion of the content other than as expressly permitted by applicable law.

3.4.1 Digital Rewards

If you spend your Wired Rewards points on a reward in the form of digital content, your reward will either be supplied instantly or subsequently via e-mail within a period of 2 working days.

3.4.2 Physical Rewards

If you spend your Wired Rewards points on a physical reward, you will within 2 working days receive a voucher code via e-mail which can be redeemed for your item on the Wired Productions store (http://shop.wiredproductions.com). Please note that postage and packaging costs must be covered by you.

4 Account Closure

4.1 If you decide to leave Wired Rewards at any time you have the option to completely delete your account through the ‘My Account’ section of the Wired Rewards site. In the event that you do decide to leave the service, any remaining points will be lost and cannot be reinstated and any details of your account will be completely removed from our server. Any codes redeemed on the account will not be re-activated.

4.2 Wired Productions reserves the right to suspend or close any account on Wired Rewards at its own discretion. In the event of a breach in the terms of use, abuse of the Wired Rewards service, anti-social conduct, or the closure of the service, the user will be notified via e-mail of the closure of their account. All Wired Rewards points associated with the account will be lost, details of the account will be deleted from our server and in the case of a user being banned from the service, the e-mail address used to set up the account will be banned from creating a new account.

Wired Rewards

Wired Rewards